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~I am so excited to be starting this new series which I have dubbed "Artist Spotlight". These weekly features will consist of an interview from a selected Etsy shop that offers unique, handmade items. You will get to take a "peek" into the lives of these artists and find out what inspires their designs, what their best-sellers are, and more, plus a few "fun" questions, too, to help keep the interview fresh and fun. Enjoy! ~

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?

It all started when I needed something happy and colorful to wear to show my  bright, summer mood. I wanted something fun to wear, natural, bright and  eco friendly. So, my first thinking was "hey Annouk, go make something with your own hands with materials that meet your criteria and the designs that you have in your head!"
I found some wool yarns and with the help of the internet I learned to felt. My friends loved my felt jewelry, it was something new, made with pure environmental friendly materials such as merino, wooden beads, cork, ribbons, ceramic beads etc.
The organic soap has another story: I wanted to make my everyday life at home industry independent and chemical free. My grandmommy has passed me the main soap recipe the way they used to do it in her village with greek olive oil, herbs and honey. After many experiments, friends' requests/suggestions and tests, organic natural soap was born! I also make for my own use laundry soap and dishwashing soap.

What is your favorite thing to make?
I love making the hippie colors necklace and bracelets, or these really cute bracelets in diverse colors:
Colorful Felt Bracelet

Do you have a best-seller?

People seem to appreciate much my organic natural soaps and thank them a million for that!

What inspires your designs?
My inspiration comes absolutely from nature (mountains, sea, beach, forest).
I always have in my mind flowers, pebbles, birds, trees, sea, animals, the wind, the rain, the sun and so much more...!

What is the number one thing that has helped you sell your pieces?
First of all to make good, quality handicrafts. Second to accent your items with really, really excellent clickable photos.

What tips have you learned that you can share with other artists?

Go and make your own good luck. If you see that your luck is a bit lazy, give it a wake up call by doing yourself things that are supposed to come by themselves!

Share a little bit about the process that goes into making your soap and jewelry:
About jewelry:
Usually it goes like this: the design of a new jewel comes from my mood and how can I express it. Other designs are special suggestions from friends.

About organic soap:
I study a lot about herbs and their benefits, I read many books about nature's wonders and I cultivate my own vegetables and herbs.
Any new soap formula contains carefully selected ingredients to lend their unique qualities.

What do you think is the most important thing to help bring customers back?
Selling quality and original items.

Sum up your shop in 5 words or less:
natural, eco friendly, organic, colorful, fun

Your favorite place to promote your shop:

Your favorite place to promote your shop: Don't have any favorite place yet, I have a facebook fan page and a flickr account, that's all! My next step will be to decide to have a blogspot but I can't decide whether in English, or in Greek, or both....

If you have/had another job, how did you balance your time between your handmade business and other job?

Unfortunately, I am unemployed for 1.5 years now. It's the first time that I am unemployed for so long in my 33 years old life. Things aren't going well for Greeks this period of time and if my predictions are right, will continue to be ugly for a very, very long time.
Favorite Dessert:

Favorite dessert: Mpaklava (Turkish sweet that Greeks love to cook and eat!)

Favorite organization secret:

 I don't know, it's a natural talent! My previous jobs taught me to keep everything under control even under a lot of pressure.


The winner of the headband from Violet Heart Designs is....
and the winner of the herbal sachets from Dandylion's Garden is...
Congrats, ladies!


  1. Neat new series and interview! Just as a sidenote, Id love to be interviewed sometime if you needed someone! Thanks for the neat interview! :)

  2. That you ever so much! I can't believe I won :-)

  3. Many many thanks to Samantha for featuring me in her wonderful blog!!
    Wish you the best!!!!

  4. Samantha,
    Are you interested in sponsoring giveaways? You sponsored my first giveaway at my blog arizona grown, (I've changed it's name since that giveaway, btw)
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