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The Republic of Tea // Product Review

I'm excited to be sharing today's product review from The Republic of Tea
The Republic of Tea offers a huge variety of tea and gifts for every taste. 
Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea prides themselves on offering delicious, quality teas to young and old alike. Whether you love black, green, white, or flavored teas, there is a tea for everyone.  Can't have caffeine? They offer decaf tea options as well! Even those who are may not care for tea will more than likely find a flavor they enjoy.

I was sent two teas for review, the Acai Green Tea and mixed assortment box of Chocolate Teas. Both came in visually appealing boxes, (I love the ways things are packaged, so this was a huge plus for me) and are generously sized (the green tea contains 50 bags, the chocolate 24 bags).
So far I've sampled the Red Velvet and Peppermint Chocolate teas from the chocolate box. Both are very nice and have subtle flavor. I gave one of the Strawberry Chocolate bags to a friend and she really liked it.  I have yet to try the Banana Chocolate, it does not sound appealing to me, but I'm sure I will give it a try anyway!
My favorite by far, though, is the Acai Green Tea. Ironically I didn't think I would care for it, as I do not like regular green tea. However the Acai Green Tea has a wonderful, fruity hint to it, smells sweetly of berries, and is delicious! I not only love the taste, but the health benefits as well (yay for superfruits!).
So, would I consider purchasing tea from The Republic of Tea in the future? Definitely! The teas are high quality, delicious, and the flavor options are nearly endless. A big Thank You to The Republic of Tea of sending me these teas for sample and review!

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All thoughts my own unless otherwise stated. I was sent products from the company free of charge for the sole purpose of reviewing the products.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feature & Giveaway // Moxie Makery

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My "day job" (at, is all about creating awesome branding for creative small businesses (custom logos, websites, print name it, we do it!) so when we tossed around the idea of creating an actual product, it had to be something cool and inspirational for everyone who uses it. Since everything is done online these days, the idea of going old school and designing a custom pencil and other paper goods was something that completely inspired us. After a lot of trial and error...we are super excited about the final product! Learn More

-In the Shop-

Moxie Makery is giving away the winner's choice of mini Kraft or Felt Journal
plus they'll include a surprise set of 2 coordinating Eco-Friendly Paper Pencils!
This is the perfect prize for anyone who loves to write!

Open to US residents only
Ends March 31.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feature & Giveaway // Sweet Life Paper

"After working at a stationery company for a while I realized that I had an obsession with paper art and design and decided to make my own stationery store on Etsy.

I started by deciding my first product would be hot pink stationery with black ink, but after only a few sales I realized that the hot pink wasn't so hot. I decided to change up my designs and I made a full line of organic inspired stationery as well as teacher stationery.

I have 3 goofy dogs and always try to add a small amount of whimsey in my designs in honor of them. Whenever I'm working on my stationery I'm never alone because they are always here watching me. 

I love when I get repeat customers because that tells me that I'm doing something right. My only drawback is being a slight perfectionist when it comes to my stationery."

-In the Shop-

Sweet Life Paper is giving away any notepad in the shop!
 The winner may pick whichever notepad they like the best.
Designs can be seen here.
Prize valued at $14

Open to US readers only.
Ends March 24

Have fun!

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Friday, February 28, 2014

PR & Giveaway // Honey Tea Thyme

"I'm a stay at home mom living in Hebron, North Dakota.  I love nature and natural healing. Honey has become my passion and the more I learn about it the more passionate I become. Honeys natural ability to heal is amazing to me and for the past 25 years I have used it to help my children get over colds and illness and applied it to burns with amazing results. It is my #1 choice when we are feeling under the weather. Honey Tea Thyme is made from 100% pure raw honey from a local farm in Halliday, North Dakota. The honey is flavored with all natural essential oils, Organic herbs, and other natural extracts. The various flavors of Honey Tea Thyme were created for instant teas but are also delicious on toast, or try them on your favorite hot cereal. They can even be used as a cooking ingredient for specialty breads or whatever suits you. Honey Tea Thyme is simply delicious no matter which way you choose to use it. "

-Product Review-

I received three jars of honey to sample. I was really excited to try these because I love honey and the different flavors sounded delicious! I was sent one jar each of the original honey, Orange Spice, and Autumn Spice. They arrived quickly and were well packaged.
Each jar is small (these were the sample sizes), but there is quite a bit of honey in it and I still have more than half of the jar to enjoy! So far I've enjoyed the honey on my homemade pumpkin yeast bread and in spice tea. The honey is excellent both ways!
I would highly recommend this shop and the products, they are quality and delicious!

Many thanks to Honey Tea Thyme for letting me review their products!

-In the Shop-

Honey Tea Thyme is giving away a small wicker basket with 4 honey samples
in the winner's choice of flavors.
Open to US residents only
Giveaway is open until March 10.

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